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02.06.14 1685697
Time doesn't change anything, does it?
...: just watched your video, still beautiful as always. :)
K: stawp it...
...: I won't stop it.
K: Why not?
...: I've thought you were beautiful since the moment I met you and that hasn't changed one bit.
02.05.14 0
Well, I’m a firm believer in stating the obvious: I’m talking to you because I want you to be my lover. To not just be my inspiration but to be my focus. My intentions for you are purely intimate and relationship based. I wouldn’t go past my morale judgments unless it’s for something I truly want.
Plain and simple: I want you.

— February 3, 2014

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11.22.13 152933
Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

— Lauren DeStefano, Wither  (via onemorerobot)

11.22.13 23695
I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her.

— Kaci Diane (via xokrista)

11.22.13 124764
more stars in the sky.

… : Damn you looked good tonight.
her: Awww, staaaaawp! You looked amazing too. 
… : I must say I controlled myself not to kiss you of anything. honestly. 
her: I just look regular on the daily, you caught me on a good day. You looked really good. Seriously. It was hard not to kiss you either. 
… : If I did would you get mad at me? 
her: lol. probably not. 
… : It is what it is. Oh well. I’m just tryna be a good person. 
… : Might as well say it while I’m not sober. But you seriously attract me even in the smallest ways. 
… : I don’t know what to make of it. #dontjudgeme
her: the smallest ways? What do you mean, hun?
… : You’re just so charming, you know that? The little stuff you say hits. You mean a lot to me too. Hence, I hit you up today. haha
her: you haven’t changed and I appreciate that. You’re always sweet and always so level headed. 

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a surprising little star.
... : I don't like to hold on to regrets, but one thing I do regret is not showing you how much I appreciated you each and every day when we dated, showing you how much you meant to me, and letting you know just how amazing and beautiful you were.
K: Why do you regret that?
... : Regret not showing and telling you all those things? Because you deserved to know, and I took it for granted.
K : Do you really think you did? If anything held you back what could it possibly have been?
... : I was too insecure and "hoarded" our relationship in reaction to the point where I became comfortable and entitled.
... : "Oh I already got her as my girlfriend, I don't need to work as hard to impress or love her.
... : Which is the complete opposite of what I should have done. I should have worked even harder and appreciated more.
... : Because you were someone so important to me, but the gratitude I gave you was so disproportional to how much I adored you.
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